Roof Underlays

For water tightness and heat reflection




  • Dual benefit of 100% water-tightness and thermal insulation
  • Highly tear resistant
  • Easy to install

Technical details

  • Structure of seven layer material:
    • (a) Aluminium foil for heat reflection
    • (b) Nail sealing layer for complete water-tightness
    • (c) Poly propylene spunbound layer for better strength
  • Full roll size: 1.25 m x 50 m covering 62.5 sqm

Radiant Barrier



  • Reflects 97% heat radiation and maintains lower temperature beneath the roof
  • Highly tear resistant
  • Works as a secondary waterproofing layer below the tiles.

Technical details

  • Heat & UV reflecting underlay Aluminium coated Poly Ethylene (PE) woven fabric
  • Top surface is coated with pure aluminium
  • Available roll size: 1.25 m x 48 m covering 60 sqm.




  • Cost effective alternative to conventional waterproofing
  • Nail sealing property ensures nail holes are sealed
  • UV resistant coating for longer life

Technical details

  • Unique two layer construction: (a) UV resistant non – woven fabric with rubberised polymers and (b) Water resistant membrane
  • Available roll size: 1.5 x 50 m covering 75 sqm.

Radenshield bubble



  • Dual side aluminium layer for better heat insulation
  • Improved conductive and convective heat resistance
  • Reflects 97% of heat radiation Highly tear resistant

Technical details

  • Unique five layer layer construction with bubble carriers
  • Scrim reinforced for higher tear resistance
  • Available roll size: 1.22 m x 40 m covering 48.8 sqm
  • Bubble size: 20 mm diameter and thickness: 8 mm