Abutment or flashing systems

For water tight abutment areas

Wakaflex II


  • Ensures 100% water tightness at abutments
  • Adds aesthetic value to your roof by avoiding the use of mortar and metal flashing roof materials
  • Easy to fix

Technical details

  • High performance butyl adhesive
  • Five layer laminate consisting of synthetic rubber based adhesive layer, poly isobutylene extrusion foil and aluminium reinforcement mesh
  • Stretch factor – lengthwise approx. 50% & widthwise approx. 15%
  • Available roll size: 5 m x 28 cm

Easyflash II



  • Universal application on both clay and concrete roof tiles
  • UV resistant finish

Technical details

  • Coated aluminium, PET foil, PET fleece with full width high performance butyl adhesive on reverse side
  • Stretch ability upto 60% in roll direction
  • Temperature resistance upto 900C
  • Available roll size: 25 cm x 5 m

Camelflash II



  • Economic abutment flashing solution
  • Universal application on clay and concrete roof tiles
  • Water – tight & extremely weather resistant
  • Flexible and stretchable Self bonding on dry, dust and dirt – free surfaces
  • Durable UV resistant finish

Technical details

  • Aluminium composite surface with butyl adhesive
  • Stretch ability up to 50% in roll direction
  • Available roll size: 5 m x 28 cm