Fixing accessories and fittings

For the perfect finish


4 Way Apex Tile for 4 areas adjoining

4 way

3 Way Apex Tile for 3 areas adjoining

3 way

Hip Starter rooftilr to give aesthitics and protection in the Hip Starting point

Hip starter

Ridge Tile for ridge and hip area


Ridge End Tile designed for ridge stopper

Ridge end

Twin Mini Tile for balcony roofing and small structures concrete tile

Twin mini

Barge End Tile designed for barge area stopper rooftile

Barge end

Barge Tile adjoining roof section tile


Vent Tile for ventilation and natural air inhaler

Ventilation tile


Translucent tile

Fixing accessories


Eaves filler comb

valley_sheet_rainwater_harvesting_adjoining section

Valley sheet

tile clip for roof tile protection accessories

Tile clip

ridge clip for roof ridge area protection accessories

Ridge clip

ridge tree for roof ridge area protection accessories

Ridge tree