The best waterproofing flashing system for your slope roof.

With more than 6 million rolls sold in over 40 countries, Wakaflex is the ideal choice for flashings in chimneys, skylights, pipes, sidewall, headwall, roof-to-wall, solar, as well as many other flashing applications.

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Product Description:

Wakaflex is a flashing roll for replacing conventionally applied cement mortar in abutment areas

Primary application areas: Abutment at roof to wall junctions Parapets Protruding structures and other abutments area

Roofing Component
Wakaflex Roofing System

Wakaflex flashing rolls are made in Germany and has an aluminium mesh layer for added strength and durability without compromising its stretchability.

Wakaflex Stretchable Roofing Component
Wakaflex Roofing Component

Technical Data

  • Length: 5 m roll of 28 cm width.
  • Layers
    1.Upper layer – Polyisobutylene extrusion foil:
    2.Upper center layer – Aluminium metal mesh:
    3. Lower center layer – Polyisobutylene extrusion foil:
    4.Lower layer – sticky adhesive layer (synthetic rubber-based)
    5.Covering layer – HDPE-foil, both sides
  • Adhesive Fixing Strips – Butyl adhesive – two stripes on the outer left and right side of the product



  • The self-welding feature prevents material from separating at overlaps.
  • High-performance butyl adhesive, ensures edges adhere with the surrounding surface under all conditions.
  • The specialized aluminum mesh allows for optimized flexing resulting in a watertight fit, preventing water penetration even after freeze-thaw periods.
  • UV stabilizer also ensures color remains even after prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Many colors are available to blend in with most roofs.
  • The patented self-welding effect creates a reinforced seal preventing any water penetration at joints, overlaps and edges.
  • Highly resistant to all weather conditions.

Installation video

Wakaflex Best Overlay Roofing System
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