CoolRoof System

CoolRoof system is the first of its kind system, which is a combination of under-the-roof tile heat reflective insulation underlay, ventilated eaves and ridges to reduce the temperature entering inside the building envelope through the roof. Additionally it aides in waterproofing, thanks to the nail sealing layer of Veltisun underlay.

CoolRoof System For Pitched Roof

BMI Monier's CoolRoof system can help your roof to reduce temperature upto 10 Degree Celsius*

  • *Maximum 100 C reduction from initial roof temperature, subjected to location and weather conditions.
  • For customers, it means a reduction of up to 60% on AC consumption and up to 30% reduction in electricity expenses.
CoolRoof system consists of the following:

Mineral Roof Tiles

Elabana - Monier Concrete Roof Tile
Plano - Monier Concrete Flat Roof Tile
Perspective - Monier Concrete Roof Tile
Light Weight Concrete Roof Tile
Romana Light


Veltisun underlays are the superior heat reflective underlays which can reflect upto 97% of incident heat radiation and also protects the roof from water leakages It’s unique seven-layer material structure with Aluminium foil for maximum heat reflection, Nail sealing layer for complete water tightness and Poly propylene spunbond layer gives better strength. Radenshield radiant barrier is another heat reflect underlay offering an economical substitute to Veltisun.

Increase water-tightness
Radenshield CoolRoof Solutions
Roof Underlay System

Compact Roll Plus

Compact Roll Plus provides mortar-free installation of roofing systems. It is a 100% leakproof, breathable, and ventilated dry fix solution. 

Eaves Ventilating System

Eaves Ventilating System: Eaves filler comb offers eaves ventilation and also prevents intrusions from birds, mice, and rats, etc. It is made up of polyethylene.


Research and development

BMI Monier Roof Physics


Our R&D team in Europe has developed state-of-the-art roof simulation software called BMI Monier Roof Physics. The committee of Journal of Building Physics and the US Department of Energy Laboratory acknowledged the software capability. Through the software, our experts concluded that BMI Monier CoolRoof system reduces the living space temperature of our home up to 10 Degree Celsius compared to the conventional roof of India.


  • Cooler home and bigger savings!
  • Reduce up to 60% of air conditioning usage*
  • Reduce up to 30% of electricity bills*
  • Less than 2 years payback period


*BMI Monier Technical Centre validated the data in Europe for tropical weather, in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in U.S.A. 

Best Ever CoolRoof System
BMI CoolRoof System

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